Secrets of Generation Z

//Secrets of Generation Z

Secrets of Generation Z

The talent war is here – making it challenging to find employees. Good ones already have jobs and don’t want to leave, leaving other companies scrambling to fill positions. One solution – consider hiring recent college graduates from Generation Z?

Overview of Generation Z

Generation Zers were born from the late 1990s up to 2012, which means the oldest are just graduating college. But, news flash, they’re different from Millennials.

Millennials had good growing-up years. Generation Z had a recession. “So while many Millennials entered the workplace looking for meaning in a job, Gen Z members said salary is the most important factor in choosing an employer,” according to theJournal of Accountancy

Generation Z knows they have to pay their dues and work their way to the top. They’re more independent and competitive. Generation Z expects to have the newest technology. They’re used to having everything customized and personalized. They have a fear of missing out (FOMO). They will want feedback a lot more often but in smaller doses.

Employing Generation Z

Because of their competitiveness, members of Generation Z are mapping out their futures while still in high school. Some professions, however, may be unknown by this generation, including yours. This means you have to get out there and tell them. Start connecting with potential talent when they’re in high school, and stay in contact with promising students throughout college.

Make sure your website and social media are up to date and contain information pertinent to college students. If you use a recruiting agency, ensure your choice of agency doesn’t overlook college students.

Offer internships. Colleges host career fairs, internship fairs, and networking events—perfect opportunities to meet possible interns or employees. When you take on a student through an internship, you not only train them in that profession but also in how your company works. You’ll discover if the student fits the company; the student determines if the company fits them. If the answer is yes, you can hire them, confident in their abilities.

Employees in Generation Z want to create their career plan and even customize their job. So to keep a good Generation Z employee, be flexible. Let them personalize their training and explore different responsibilities in internships. Don’t force them to do the same thing as everyone else.

Members of Generation Z are different, but the right one can help your company grow.

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